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Send us your project details (e.g. drawings, materials) and we will send you back for FREE an initial draft cost for the project refering the basic specifications of materialas and works. You can read an example


Upon an introductory agreement we send you a detailed paper with the specifications of the project.


We are planning the applicable project legal documents in cooporation with a local Architect or Consultant of ours or yours choice and our engineers are planning both the in-house, the outsourcing operations and the project schedule in order to be acccomplished within safety, quality, time and cost parameters.


Our team of qualified, eligible and skilled Staff along with the charged Engineer are travelling to the project site where they will remain till the completion of the works. The accomodation and the daily expenses of the team is our responsibility.


A cargo of the project building materials is arranged to be delivered on site upon the arrival of our team. Depending on the final aggrement, we offer a wide selection of materials that will be purchased from Greece. As an example, we can supply kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, internal and external doors, double/triple glazed windows, tiles, saniteryware, custom metal or wooden constructions, e.t.c. 





We offer 2 years warranty on each project which is based on an insurance plan issued from any certified Insurance company of our or your choice. 




We have the flexibility to follow your designs or create them for you


We can undertake the complete end to end construction work


Planning and drop the axes of all the site activities


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